Student Services

Student Services executes numerous co-curricular events and activities so students can develop a sense of community among their cohort, peers, faculty, staff and the community. The director of Student Services, Mike Ruschival, serves as liaison to the Student Nurse Association (SNA), which combines community service with curricular learning.

Coordinating quarterly graduation ceremonies and new student orientation are just two visible jobs performed by Student Services. The department also provides non-academic counseling, referrals to mental health and counseling, community referrals, housing advice, transportation information, child care information and assists the department of Career Services.

And, from time to time, Student Services has been known to operate the popcorn wagon and see that there are rooftop barbecues for students.

Nurse's Week Barbeque

DSN students participate in the annual Nurse’s week rooftop barbeque

Student Support and Services for RN to BSN Students

Wide arrays of student services are offered to fulfill the needs of students in the nursing and General Education programs at DSN. The equipment, services, and resources present at the Denver campus are open and available to any student who is in the area and wishes to come to the campus for assistance. Services for online students are not be significantly different than those offered to students on-ground, as the student learning outcomes for all BSN program options are the same. However, DSN recognizes the unique needs of the distance delivery student. DSN is committed to supporting the achievement of its student learning outcomes regardless of delivery format. Thus, online students in the RN to BSN program option are able to access a variety of services that are designed to promote student success, including:

  • Dedicated admissions staff for online enrollment,
  • Financial aid services (available to those who qualify),
  • Textbooks included in the cost of tuition and provided as e-books , or delivered to the student through U.S. Mail, Federal Express, or UPS prior to the beginning of the course,
  • Access to announcements through the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS) (a powerful communication tool for both online and on-ground students),
  • 24/7/365 Blackboard Support Center (available electronically or via phone),
  • LMS/technology orientation,
  • IT support via helpdesk access,
  • A virtual library that is accessible 24/7/365,
  • Student services representatives for personal advising,
  • Academic advising,
  • Free tutoring and an individualized writing center via SmarThinking,
  • SafeAssign for assistance in submitting assignments and in ensuring academic integrity of student work,
  • Ability to participate in DSN committees (as appropriate) via virtual services,
  • Ability to participate in the Student Nurses Association (SNA) and student governance via virtual services,
  • The option to purchase health insurance as a benefit of belonging to the SNA,
  • Ability to participate in the DSN Student Veterans of America chapter via virtual services,
  • Ability to participate in the DSN chapter of the American Assembly of Men in Nursing (AAMN) via virtual services,
  • Ability to participate in service learning opportunities such as the Global Health Perspectives (GHP) initiative,
  • Access to computers on campus if in the Denver area or the availability to purchase computers at the time of enrollment for online programs,
  • Free copying when on campus, and
  • Career services assistance.

We built great support into the program, so that students have help when they need it. Our online students are a true part of the DSN family – they are able to work, live, and learn successfully in the RN to BSN program!

Victoria Bobo, MA

Online Administrator
DBJ Studies


Studies estimate that Colorado will need 3,000 new nurses a year to make up for both the departing workforce and an increased patient load.
Source: Denver Business Journal

A Sense of Family

As our faculty motivate and help students develop into professional nurses, they treat students like family. Our faculty care. What we do at DSN truly matters.

Faculty and Students at DSN